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ONE PRICE.  NO DOC FEES.  taxes included

All the vehicles listed on our inventory page have one, simple price: our asking price is our only price.  We do not add document fees, marketing fees, prep fees, transportation fees etc.  If purchasing our inventory from a state other than Maine, we will automatically subtract sales tax.

Our goal is simple: we provide our clients with perfectly equipped vehicles for light to heavy overlanding.  we obsessively source our vehicles from all regions of the united states and as far as central america.

our specialty

NicaNorth specializes in left-hand-drive, vintage, diesel imports. Our main focus is the Toyota Land Cruiser lineup, which includes the 40, 50, 60, 70 and 80 Series Land Cruisers.  We can also source many other makes and models including the Toyota 4Runner, Toyota Hilux, Nissan Patrol, Isuzu and the Mercedes G-Class (G-Wagen).  We encourage the use of bio-fuels when available to help keep these diesels burning clean.

our Inventory

NicaNorth strives to offer the most unique, desirable and reliable four-wheel-drive vehicles to be used for both daily-driving and outdoor adventure.  Our inventory encompasses vintage to modern examples that range from stock condition to moderately modified and burn gasoline or diesel fuels.  We want to make sure there is an option for everyone.

our classifieds

“Our Classifieds” are actually, your classifieds.  We only accept vehicles and gear that fit into our specific set of criteria to be listed on our classifieds page.  It is mandatory we provide our members with full transparency, therefore, we ask you to do the same when listing your vehicle.  Classified listings are ordered starting with our newest submissions first.  Please contact us to submit a vehicle or gear and we will forward you our listing worksheet.  Only registered members are allowed to submit their vehicles.

our auctions

Our Auctions consist of both our inventory and your privately owned vehicles.  We are constantly sourcing, importing and selling vintage and modern four-wheel-drive vehicles, restoring specific candidates and always looking for other owners to fill in the gaps.  We want this site to be the go-to-place for your overlanding needs.

all our inventory, including our imports, are fully inspected and possess clean titles.  we strongly recommend pre-purchase inspections and can set one up prior to a vehicle shipping.  we’ve sold and shipped our vehicles from coast to coast.