Note of Accountability:

NicaNorth, LLC is a licensed used vehicle dealer in the State of Maine.  NicaNorth, LLC is solely responsible for its inventory only, which includes the following categories: Inventory, Gasoline, Diesel and Auctions.  All other categories including classifieds and “user submitted auctions” are the full responsibility of the vehicle owner (seller).  A “user submitted auction” is an auction in which a registered and verified user of submits a vehicle he or she would like to auction utilizing NicaNorth, LLC’s platform and only accepted after submitting a signed and dated copy of the NicaNorth Auction Checklist.  Only registered users with verified accounts may submit vehicles for auction or list in NicaNorth, LLC’s classifieds webpage.

NicaNorth Inventory:

NicaNorth’ LLC’s inventory is managed solely by NicaNorth’ LLC.  All deposits, documentation, full payments and shipping is administered by Joseph D. Turcotte, Owner and Operator of NicaNorth, LLC.  All inventory specific questions should be submitted through NicaNorth, LLC’s contact page where then additional follow-up will be conducted through email and over the phone.

Live Auctions:

NicaNorth, LLC reserves the right to cancel bids in which it deems dishonest as well as ending auctions early if a vehicle’s condition/report is discovered to be untrue or misleading.  User submitted auctions can be cancelled, but only if the vehicle is no longer in its initially reported condition when submitted, which needs to be proven by the seller by use of photographs, video or a written statement.  User submitted auctions can not be ended for any other reason, including private sales during a scheduled auction.  A $250.00 deposit is required for user submitted auctions and is fully refunded at the end of an auction whether the auction ends in a sale or not.  If an auction is successful and the ending bid meets the set reserve, a $250.00 fee will be added to the winning bidder’s final fee (For sellers, the auction is free and for the buyer, there is a $250.00 fee added to the final sale price of a successful auction).


Only registered users with a verified account may submit a vehicle to NicaNorth, LLC’s classifieds.  All classified submissions are available for the public to view, but only registered users with verified accounts can actually see each classifieds ads’ contact information.  This protects registered users with verified accounts from online solicitation as well as fraudulent activities.

Rights to Use of Submitted Content:

NicaNorth, LLC gains the right to use any imagery related to a vehicle submitted through its Auctions or Classifieds pages.  Use includes, but is not limited to, marketing, advertising, social media sites, webpage content etc.