Seller/Buyer Sales Tax Obligation

State of Maine sales tax (5.5%) is not included when purchasing a vehicle through an auction or classified listing.  State of Maine sales tax is included within the asking price of all “our inventory.”  If a buyer is from a state other than Maine, no taxes are added to the final price, however, a sales tax disclosure form must be signed to exempt an individual from out-of-state to be eligible for a tax-free transaction.  Sellers and buyers who utilize our Classifieds pages must comply to their individual state sales tax obligations.  NicaNorth, LLC is not responsible for transactions that take place between members unless the inventory was specifically an auction item submitted and accepted by a NicaNorth representative.

Members Who Want to Purchase Our Inventory:

Only a $250.00 deposit is required to hold any of “Our Inventory.”  The deposit is fully-refundable if the purchaser is unhappy after an in-person inspection and before the vehicle is shipped or driven away.  Vehicles must be inspected and shipping initiated within 7 business days of submitting a deposit.  We can have our master mechanic write-up a full inspection report if a purchaser would like to opt-out of inspecting the vehicle personally.  We also offer free shipping to most regions of Maine and discounted rates to New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts.  Full payment is due before a vehicle can be shipped or driven from our facility.  All “Our Inventory” has passed the State of Maine Safety Inspection (unless listed “AS-IS”) and comes with a 14-day temporary plate/registration.

Members Who Want to Purchase an Auction Item:

To participate in one of our auctions you must register and login to our site.  At that point, you may view, bid and purchase any of our auction items.  At the close of the auction, the winning bidder is required to submit a $250.00 commitment fee (added to the price of the closing bid) using PayPal or credit card.  After the deposit is received, all sales agreements, final payment, title transfer and shipping will be administered through email and over the phone.

Members Who Want to List an Auction Item:

To participate in one of NicaNorth, LLC’s auctions you must register and login to the site.  At that point, you may submit the vehicle you would like us to help you auction.  Only a $250.00 (refundable) listing deposit is required for a seller to submit a vehicle through our auction site.  The seller’s only obligation is to complete NicaNorth’s Auction Checklist before a vehicle can be approved.  Once an auction ends and successfully meets the seller’s reserve, the high bidder will be responsible for the $250.00 deposit, which is added to the final price of the closing bid.  If the auction does not meet the seller’s reserve then the $250.00 deposit will be reimbursed within seven business days.

Members Who Want to Purchase an Item in Classifieds:

There are no fees to purchase through our classifieds page.  To retrieve the contact information from one of our classified ads, you must register and become a member of our site.  Once a member, you can view the contact information for each listing.

Members Who Want to List an Item in Classifieds:

There are no fees to list through our classifieds page.  Please register and contact us if you have a vehicle that fits the NicaNorth brand.  We’d love to give you a free place to sell your four-wheel-drive to other enthusiasts.