Your Adventure

Want to Get Your Hands Dirty?  Then, Come Find Your Own Diesel.

Diesel Quest

If you’re like us then you know searching for a vehicle is part of the fun.  We wanted to create this more interactive style of purchasing your next diesel whether it’s one of the Land Cruiser models, the Hilux or maybe even a different brand like the Nissan Patrol or Mercedes G-Wagen.  Regardless of what you’re dream vehicle may be, with our “Diesel Quest” option to purchase, you can literally sit in the driver seat of not just one, but multiple candidates until you find the perfect fit.

The Search

We have become very familiar with the market in which we source our imports.  This means, we know exactly where  to start and also where to end: the beach for a late-day surf and a couple cervezas, to be exact.  Now, it does take time to find an importable diesel, but they exist and we will find them.  Once purchased, we take care of all the paperwork on both the export and import end as well as setting up delivery, directly to your door.  We manage the entire process from purchase to delivery.

The Cost

We love dealing with flat fees and whole numbers.  Exporting and importing processes are not always concrete and unexpected expenses can occur; it’s the nature of the beast.  Putting that disclaimer aside, our goal is to get you into the exact vehicle you want averaging around $25,900.00 (this price varies and depends on make and model).  That price includes the following:

  • Vehicle purchase
  • Export/Import Paperwork & Logistics
  • International Freight
  • Shipping to your door
  • **Title Fees May Apply**
  • Round-trip airfare
  • Lodging for 5 nights
  • Transportation
  • Select Meals
  • Local Tour Guide