1989 Jeep Grand Wagoneer 4×4 – SOLD

Here is an above average, Jeep Grand Wagoneer with just over 136,000 miles. It is in incredible shape and very well preserved, originating from Florida and brought to Maine in the Spring of 2017. This Wagoneer has the 2-barrel, 360 V8 pushing around 144hp backed by 727, 3 speed automatic transmission. It drives nicely around the city as well as on the highway, easily and comfortably achieving speeds of 75-80mph.

Aesthetically, this Wagoneer is near perfect at first glance with only minor imperfections in the paint. All windows are original and free from cracks and chips. All the chrome trim is present and in very nice shape. The same goes for the faux-wood paneling wrapping around the vehicle: overall, well preserved for the year with only a few blemishes. The rockers, door jams, tailgate and all lower portions of the vehicle are completely free from rust of any kind. The hood has seen a respray, but shows well and nearly unnoticeable. The rest of the paint appears to be original.

The interior is also very well maintained with only minor stains on the carpeting and normal wear on the driver's side floor mat created by the driver's foot. The seats, door panels, dash and headliner are in unreal shape and honestly, nothing bad can be said about their condition. The rear cargo area still maintains the original chrome strips and they show very well and look as though nothing has ever been stored in the back. The only missing items found were the rear seat, seatbelt latches. The retracting belts themselves are present, but there is nothing to fasten them around the passengers.

For creature comforts and interior electronics, all factory options are existent except for the original AM/FM radio - this was replaced by a modern, Kenwood head-unit with Bluetooth capability and USB/AUX inputs. The power front seats work, however, the driver's seat only operates in the forward and back positions while the recline feature does not work. All the windows move up and down, however, the front, passenger window has gotten stuck a few times while testing it. The heat and A/C both work perfectly as do all the venting adjustments. Also to note, the rear, cargo hatch dome light cover is missing.

Mechanically, this Wagoneer is in nice shape. It starts, idles and drives pretty well down the road. Everything passes inspection except for the slight play in the driver's side wheel bearing. That is the only item that hasn't been addressed for a State of Maine inspection. The only other item I may suggest replacing are the front brakes and rotors. They are fine, safe and have plenty of life left, but the rotors feel like they need to be turned or maybe even replaced due to a slight vibration when braking coming off the highway. Braking at slower speeds does not result in any vibration.

The chassis could be described as rust-free, and for Maine/New England, I would classify it that way. There is absolutely not a flake of rust, not a questionable spot of rot and the factory black paint is still present on 95% of the entire undercarriage. The floors are solid, brake and fuel lines are clean and the seams are perfect.

The only deficiency this Jeep Grand Wagoneer possesses is a salvage title. This Wagoneer was salvaged or classified as junk because the previous owner filed an insurance claim on it and it was deemed "totalled." It was next to a building/warehouse that burned down and due to soot and smoke, the insurance company declared it as a total loss. There is no structural, body or fire damage to this Wagoneer as you will see from the photos. A full inspection is welcomed and mandatory to purchase this vehicle and I can cover those costs. This will prove that other than a bad mark in its history, there is nothing to worry about.

I have very detailed photos, videos as well as the full Carfax report for reference. This 1989 Jeep Grand Wagoneer is an absolutely beautiful preservation of history (minus the insurance claim).

Asking Price: $16,500

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