2010 MazdaSpeed3 Hatchback – SOLD

NIcely MOdified

Mazda’s, “Zoom Zoom” motto definitely fits this 53K mile, correctly modified, 2010 MazdaSpeed3 Hatchback powered by the MZR 2.3L DISI Turbo engine backed by a 6-speed manual transmission.  This second generation MS3 boasts the best of both worlds: freakishly fast horsepower and leather-bound seating integrated with Mazda’s Technology Package.  This combination lathers the driver in rally-esque drivability while maintaining constant contact with the surrounding world.


From stock, the 2.3L DISI inline 4-cylinder engine pushes around 263 hp when running 91 octane fuel.  After the addition of COBB Tuning’s Stainless Steel 3” Downpipe, CP-E’s Top Mount Aluminium Intercooler, JBR’s Power Path Stage II Full Silicone Short Ram Intake System and JBR’s Stage I Double Adjustable Short Shifter and Kit, this MazdaSpeed3 is producing approximately 300hp.  Other modifications include Eiback A/T lowering springs, MOOG end links, Corksport motor mounts, JBR oil catch can, CanBus HID pro light kit and RallyArmor urethane mud flaps.

To keep this mini-rocket grounded, we added four new Sumitomo HTR A/S tires speed rated for up to 170 mph and offer great stickiness to both dry and wet surfaces.  So far, these tires have performed as researched, especially on the snowy backroads of Maine.  Take-off and braking are nearly perfect and torque-steer is very low, even during aggressive acceleration.  This MazdaSpeed3 is incredibly well balanced.

The interior of this hot hatchback sports retro graphic finishes laid between red-stitched, black leather.  Mazda’s technology package gives the driver full control over every in-car electronic system including a very functional, touch screen Eonon head-unit.  The head-unit is incredibly intuitive allowing the driver to effortlessly switch between user-chosen apps, settings, navigation and toggle between the variety of available input options.  Overall, the interior has maintained its stock appeal with only minor wear showing on the driver’s floor mat and interior door pull. The rest of the interior looks like is has seen very little traffic and is free from rips, cracks and stains.

The Liquid Silver Metallic exterior finish is in very nice condition.  The body is straight and free from dents and dings and shows absolutely no signs of corrosion or body work.  The lower front bumper has some faint chipping from rocks and a couple very light scratches.  The scratches do disappear after one coat of 3M Polishing Compound and the polish has stood up to one car wash so far.

The engine bay is also very clean and the modifications performed were executed cleanly.  There are no signs of spliced wires or “half-assery” of any kind.  All fluid levels are where they need to be and up to date.

The chassis is clean and free from significant corrosion.  The Eibach Lowering Springs were installed correctly and the same for the 3” stainless steel downpipe attached to Mazda’s stock dual muffler.  The brakes are well over 70% unworn and the rotors and calipers are in excellent condition.  There are traces of FluidFilm or a like undercoating on the sway bars, control arms and cross members, so it appears the car has been treated at least once.

From the Carfax report, this car began life in Danvers, Massachusetts in July 2010 moving to Warwick, Rhode Island in 2011, venturing to Garland, Texas in 2012 and finally making it back to Groton, Connecticut in 2017.  At only 53,500 miles, this MazdaSpeed3 has averaged only 6,700 miles per year and has a clean, three owner history.

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